Seeing Cyclone Debbie on the news this week has brought back memories of watching the news after Cyclone Yasi. Seeing all the displaced pets or pets taken from the arms of their owners to be left behind during evacuation was heartbreaking.Yasi truly brought to light that pets are a part of our families, and need special consideration during the evacuation process. What happened during Yasi does not have to happen again.Take some time to prepare for your pets‘ evacuation and remember, disaster plans don’t have to be difficult or complicated. Some of the most simple plans can be the most effective.Have a pet carrier for transportation and temporary housing. Be sure your pet’s carrier is large enough for your dog or cat to stay in comfortably for a few days. If you evacuate to a shelter, your pets will have to spend most of their time in their crates. Ensure you pack their leash and collar as well. Cat owners should also plan on creating temporary litter boxes. These can be simply put together with a small cardboard box, plastic bags for liners, and litter.